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Foshan Yuejiaxin Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. Founded in 2001,specializes in and focuses on manufacturing 35kV and below copper core and Aluminum core power cables,such as solid cables,flexible cables,aerial cable,control cables,and a variety of special cables and other products.The cable characteristics include flame retardant,fire resistant,low smoke zero halogen(LSZH),cross-linked(XLPE),PVC...etc.

16 years of glorious history

Yuejiaxin is located in Dakausha West Coast Baini Town Sanshui Distric,Foshan City,Guangdong Provience,P.R.China,covers 66,000 square meters.It has advanced automated production machines and testing equipments,experienced workforce and strong technical support team.Since its inception has been followed by industrialization,quality standards(GB)and machinery industry standards(JB)and international IEC standards....we ensured that wires and cables manufactured by Yuejiangxin are of international top quality,"Simsheng" brand wires and cables owned by Yuejiaxin in the market share has been steadily increasing. 

Yuejiaxin has rooted itself in Guangdong,and expanded it influence towards the whole of Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa and other regions.Nowdays,"Simsheng"brand wires and cables can be found in numerous domestic and foreign mega project.